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International Outreach – Registered Charity No. 1138123
International Outreach is an evangelistic ministry seeking to cross denominational and cultural barriers to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world. We seek only the salvation of the lost. We desire to bring healing to broken hearts, freedom to those bound up by sin and its consequences, hope to the hopeless and peace to tormented minds.  
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Encounter With God Interview with John Hibbert


Encounter With God – Girona. 24-26th May 2013

Encuentro con Dios from The International Church on Vimeo.

Here is a short film of the Barcelona 2012 Gospel Concert

Barcelona Promo Video from The International Church on Vimeo.

In June 2012 at the Palau Sant Jordi Stadium, the people of Barcelona experienced 6 nights of astounding music, powerful preaching and exhilarating worship, all soaked in God’s wonderful presence. Many lives were changed in these concerts and many have been affected since.

Taking the Gospel to Amsterdam
Please have a look at our Amsterdam video below.
A former prostitute, now a councilor in Amsterdam said “It’s supposed to be such a wonderful,cheery place that shows just what a free city we are. But I think it’s a cesspit. There’s a lot of serious criminality. There’s a lot of exploitation of women and a lot of social distress. That’s nothing to be proud of”